Dinan8.com Registry Information

At this time, owners can not add or update entries to the registry themselves, but that feature is in the works.  Until a new system is in place and has been fully tested, all registry additions and modifications must be made via email.  Please send the following information to info@dinan8.com:

Please Note: Any information provided to Dinan8.com will be added to the registry and will be made public for all to view.  Any information you wish to remain private should not be included.  Owners email addresses will be kept private by Dinan8.com and will only be used for registry communications from the site.

General information:

Year and Model:
Ex. 1991 850i
Chassis Number:
CB followed by 5 digits – See VIN
Production Date:
Current Mileage:
Specify Miles of Kilometers
Specify Automatic or Manual
Specify the owner’s name (optional)
City, State, County (optional)
Exterior Color:
Color name (Color code)
Interior Color:
Color name (Color code)

Dinan Modifications:

  • Engine
  • Driveline
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Wheels/Tires
  • Other Dinan Modifications

Any other modifications:  Written in list form.  Include manufacturer and part name/number.

Story and Pictures:

Details:  Written in paragraph form.  Any additional information about the car you wish to share: how you found the car, process to repair/restore, where it’s been featured, famous past owners, awards, etc.

Pictures: We will post any and all pictures of the car that you provide.  Please email link(s) to online photo sites or other places where images can be sourced.  If you need to email pictures directly, send them to info@dinan8.com.  Please limit all emails to 10mb of attached files per email.

Examples: We are adding additional cars to the Dinan 8 registry as fast as they are submitted.  Take a look at CB73392 or CB72129 to see how the final product will be formatted. Email us with any questions.