• 2018 Updates
    2018 Updates
    Now that the summer in coming to a close, I wanted to provide some updates. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much action in the Dinan 8 world this year. Let’s start with some good news. Recently, on bringatrailer.com a beautiful ’93 Dinan Stroker sold for $50,000. It was a 6.0L V12 car with a 6-speed manual transmission and only 34k miles...
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  • Purchasing or Building a Dinan Performance 8-Series BMW
    Purchasing or Building a Dinan Performance 8-Series BMW
    Upgrading a Classic The 8-Series BMW is a timeless classic and is a hit at car shows and meets across the world. What was once unattainable for most with its nearly six figure starting price tag is now easily purchased for a fraction of its original cost. While the car’s gorgeous looks can still stand out in a crowd of ...
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  • Site Updates
    Site Updates
    Dinan8.com was created just over a year ago as a small side project to help those in automotive community find information about Dinan Performance Engineering’s modification portfolio for the 8-Series BMW. While featuring lots of different rides owned by fellow enthusiasts and over 50 pages of content, the site has received over 1,500 visitors and 7,000 page views and continues...
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  • Dinan Supercharged 840Ci (CC90292) is For Sale
    Dinan Supercharged 840Ci (CC90292) is For Sale
    There’s a very clean 1995 BMW 840Ci with quite a few Dinan modifications including the Supercharger System currently for sale on BimmerForums.  Its chassis number CC90292 and is shown to have about 94k miles on the odometer.  The owner states that the car has been meticulously maintained by a Dinan certified BMW dealer. Dinan Modifications Include: Dinan Supercharger System Dinan Exhaust Dinan...
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  • The BMW 8-Series is Back
    The BMW 8-Series is Back
    It wasn’t long ago that we were teased about an all new 8-Series from BMW, but now we have the official concept car in the flesh. It was shown at the 2017 Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganze in Italy. Going into production in 2018, the all new luxo-coupe appears to be following the grand touring tradition of the original 8-Series BMW...
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  • BMW Confirms All New 8-Series But Will There Be A New Dinan 8?
    BMW Confirms All New 8-Series But Will There Be A New Dinan 8?
    Now that BMW has confirmed that there will be an all new 8-Series coming in 2018, will we also get a new Dinan 8?  Of course, we have no real information about the new car, but we all know that no matter what, Dinan will be able to improve upon its performance. See more here: http://jalopnik.com/the-bmw-8-series-is-back-1795121068...
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